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Maintenance contract services, is the inevitable result of modern large-scale production. It can make your factory air compressor equipment and the company's professional maintenance of organic combination of protection of your plant's normalization and modernization of production; help to reduce costs and improve product quality, gain greater economic and social benefits.

Shenzhen Kluber Compressor Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch Shenzhen City in addition to bear the responsibility of its agent maintenance and repair products, but also for Europe and the United States Department, Japan, Taiwan's air-pressure equipment implementation of the contract repair and maintenance services. Join my company contract maintenance services, your company as long as little expenditure, you can get professional technicians of high quality service.

Contract maintenance services of the main elements:

1, routine maintenance once a month: the body, aircraft, parts clean (the wind, oil, radiator, automatic drainage, oil return ...), lubricating oil replenishment, filling system electrical testing, Mechanical property testing, machine fault diagnosis, rationalization advice, technical advice, file establishment .......

2, temporary fault within two hours in a timely manner to solve, be on call. Local customers try not to overnight failure, foreign customers must arrive the next day the scene.

3, to provide free technical information and customers of the mechanical and electrical personnel training.

4, the contract customers can get my company supplies priority supplies, and ninety-five concessions, free of all labor costs (provinces are not listed here).

Contract maintenance tips:

1, the date of signing the contract, valid for one year. More than a year, need to renew.

2, the customer during the contract period of relocation of the machine, the address changes need to inform the company in advance, the contract is still valid.

3, replacement parts warranty period subject to the same fault for three months.

Welcome to join our maintenance contract service.

You are welcome to call for more information.

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