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Honor stems from intentions, each recognized qualification certificate condensed Poly Branch people struggling to fight the crystallization of each honor is our gold card and pass, that is our one signpost, that is our time and again the calendar.

Shenzhen Kluber Compressor Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch is a large modern professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, design and manufacture of air compressors. Compressor products are introduced by the company and advanced foreign equipments and processes are introduced. Absorbing advanced foreign technologies and adhering to the advanced technology of German industry Design concept and rigorous manufacturing technology, after the German company specialized training to create technical team, advanced technology to meet international standards, R & D center and world-renowned compressor research center together to create a new generation of energy-saving environmental protection products.

The company has a professional technical design and excellent combination of components, the air compressor manufactured with high efficiency, advanced structure, small size, less oil gas, air intake capacity real-time adjustment and reasonable selection of temperature control and other characteristics. At the same time using a smart module control system, a good man-machine interface, to achieve fault self-diagnosis, automatic adjustment of servo-type air and 24 hours of unattended operation, to fully meet the various needs of customers in all walks of life.

Shenzhen Kluber Compressor Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch, the products are widely used in national defense, scientific research, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, medicine, power, electronics and other industries. Products exported to various countries and regions in the world, the company always adhere to the people-oriented, pragmatic and efficient, won wide acclaim users.

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